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ClickDimensions Security Roles

February 24th, 2016 DynamicsMSCRM

During installation of the ClickDimensions solution, four security roles are created in CRM. These roles are specific to ClickDimensions and have very different purposes. The following list describes each ClickDimensions security role and its intended purpose.

ClickDimensions Core
This role should be assigned to all users (even if not using ClickDimensions). It contains the minimum set of privileges that are required by the ClickDimensions plugins and will prevent failures in creating leads/contacts and opportunities

ClickDimensions User
This security role should be assigned to users (none administrators) who view data generated by ClickDimensions. Most of the privileges are set to the Read level so the users can view the tracking data. This role also allows the user the ability to send emails.

ClickDimensions Service
This role should be assigned to the ClickDimensions service user in case the System Administrator role cannot be assigned. For more information on the required privileges for this particular user please go to the Security Requirements.

ClickDimensions Lock Email Blocks
This role should be assigned to users who need to be able to lock and unlock blocks in the Drag and Drop email editor. When a block is locked anyone without this role will not be able to edit the content of the block. More here.

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