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Quick Fix for Microsoft CRM Lead Notes Converting to Qualified Entities

May 20th, 2010 DynamicsMSCRM No comments

Within MS CRM 4.0 the Lead notes and attachements do not convert to the Account, Contact or Opportunity when converting the Lead. The following is a work around that allows for the information to be mapped to one or all of these entities.

First we will need to customise the account form, adding a new tab and section called Originating Lead Notes and then adding an iFrame called IFRAME_LeadNotes. Set the URL of your iFrame to about:blank and untick Restrict cross-frame scripting.

Next, download and add the JavaScript code to your form onload event:

Publish your changes and you are now able to view the original lead’s notes in your account form.

NOTE: Make sure the OriginatingLead attribute is on the form otherwise the script will error.

To make the solution even more user friendly rather than show a blank iFrame you may want hide the Lead Notes tab if there is no Originating Lead. This solution can also be used in other areas where you want to show notes from another record on a form. The skies are the limit :)

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