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MS CRM Resource Center

August 18th, 2010 DynamicsMSCRM

MS CRM Online Resource Center

Although the Resource Center within MS CRM can be often overlooked, it brings together links and information in one location that can be a time saver and a central source for information including:

Information to help you get started.

Tips to make you more productive.

In-depth descriptions of product features and recommendations for using them to build your business.

Examples and advice from subject matter experts.

Easy access to other online resources related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

You can find information related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM within the Resource Center, Help, and on other resources available on the Web. Search automatically finds articles, videos, and Help topics based on a word or phrase. Help topics are usually step-by-step procedures based on a specific task. Articles are about end-to-end solutions.

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