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MS CRM A Simple Activity Audit Trail

September 1st, 2010 DynamicsMSCRM

I recently needed to create an audit trail for new and existing activities. This was accomplished by triggering a workflow to create a new record within an associated entity to our Contact record. The workflow is triggered anytime an new activity is created or updated.

1. Create a new entity, in this case we called it Activity Stage.
2. Create a 1 – M relationship from Contact to the Activity Stage entity.
3. Create the Activity Stage attributes, populate the form and associated list view, these will populate from the workflow.
4. Create a date\time attribute for a time stamp of the activity change, we will use the Workflow Execution time for the time stamp.
5. Create a workflow for each type of activity you want to audit, in our case we created one for Task, Phone Call and Appointment. In addtion we created a picklist set to the type of activity based on which type of workflow activity is triggered.
6. Within the workflow, set the Scope to Organization
7. Set the Starts When to Record is Created and Record Attribute Changes, in our case Modified On.
8. Add a Create Record step and Choose Activity Stage as the entity.

9. Map the appropriate attributes from the Activity as show below.

Within the new Activity Stage entity, anytime an activity is created or updated a new Activity Stage record will be created. The new entity is then set to readonly for the end users or further restricted by role.

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