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MS CRM 2011 10,000 Record Limit on Excel Exports

April 18th, 2012 DynamicsMSCRM

1. Create an advanced find view of the records you want to export to Excel for example: Active Contacts.

2. Click Excel on the toolbar and select Dynamic Worksheet option

3. Open the excel workbook and enable Data Connection

4. On the excel workbook, right click and select ‘Edit Query’

5. If the pop-up window “The query cannot be edited by the Query Wizard”, opens,click OK. Now you will see the Microsoft Query window.

6. From the Microsoft Query toolbar, click View and select SQL. A new pop-up Windows showing the actual SQL statement appears.

7. Remove the part of the query that states ‘Top 10000′ from the SQL statement and click OK to exit the SQL statement window

8. From the Microsoft Query window toolbar, click File and select Return Data to Microsoft Office Excel

9. Refresh your excel worksheet if auto-refresh is not enabled and you should see all data from the select CRM view now

Sourced From: CRMConsult.info

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