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Operation failed due to a Sql Integrity Violation

August 12th, 2019 DynamicsMSCRM No comments

If receiving this while doing an import, its likely a duplicate field or perhaps even a column that has duplicate values if more that one row fails.

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MS CRM Large Picklist Import

August 18th, 2010 DynamicsMSCRM No comments

MS CRM XML-Generator for Picklist-values

Using this nifty little tool enables you to generate the needed XML-Code for creating picklist values. Although the browser-based customizing tools of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are very elegant, it still takes time to create the needed values, because it has to be done one at a time. Caution: Only use this tool, if you are really comfortable with manually editing exported XML-Customization Files! Use it at your own risk.

Sourced From: beatnik’s microsoft crm blog

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