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MS CRM 2011 Microsoft CRM Lead Conversion of Notes and Attachments

December 12th, 2011 DynamicsMSCRM No comments

Within MS CRM 2011 the Lead notes and attachements do not convert to the Account, Contact or Opportunity when converting the Lead. The following is a work around that allows for the information to be mapped to one or all of these entities.

Steps to copy lead notes to account:

1. Create Jscript type of web resource which holds the following Script

Download Script Here

2. Save this web resource and publish it.
3. Create an Iframe on Account form with name like “IFRAME_LeadNotes”
4. Do not select Restrict cross frame scripting checkbox.

5. After creating IFrame. Call the function from script on onLoad event of Account. Make sure that you have selected “Pass execution context as first parameter”.

6. On qualifying a lead to account. All notes of lead will be shown on account as shown in below screen shot.

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